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Cloud Backup

Protect your customers’ critical company data with Gconnect’s cost effective Cloud Backup solution. Designed to protect data on servers, PCs and laptops, the lightweight backup agent supports all popular operating systems and applications including Windows, Linux, Mac, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Lotus Notes. Full support is also available for VMware and Microsoft hypervisors.

Gconnect Cloud Backup

Data selected for backup is compressed on the client machine and encrypted using 128 or 256 bit encryption then sent over the Internet to one of our secure ISO accredited UK data centres.

Gconnect Cloud Backup simplifies the backup of your customers’ key systems and applications. Never miss a backup again with built-in scheduling that ensures systems are backed up securely at a time to suit your customer. Automatic email reports alert you to any potential problems and also reports storage quotas and status. An easy to use web portal lets you configure backup sets, alerting and more.

In-file delta technology ensures that backup sizes are kept to a minimum so that only change data is transferred to the data centre. Customisable retention policies allow you to set how long data is stored for – one day, one month, one year, or indefinitely whilst advanced compression techniques ensures that only the minimum of space is used.
For customers with large amounts of data, a data seeding service is available. This allows initial backups to make made on removable media and then transported to our data centres where the backup sets are seeded in our back-end storage.

  • Automated email reporting
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Support for Exchange, Lotus Notes, Oracle, SQL & MySQL
  • Supports Hyper-V and VMware
  • 128 or 256 bit encryption
  • AES, TwoFish or Triple DES algorithms
  • Data seeding service
  • UK only data centres
  • UK support staff

Need More?

Gconnect also provide an alternative deployment model called 'Gconnect Cloud Backup Cube' which provides local backup storage allowing for faster backup and restore operations. More details can be found here.

Next Steps

We are happy to provide a 60 day trial on the Cloud backup service giving customers a risk free evaluation. Contact our sales team on 01282 560 486 for more details.

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