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Cloud Backup Cube

Designed for customers with larger storage requirements and for those seeking faster backup and restore times; Cloud Backup Cube protects a wide variety of operating systems and applications. Cloud Backup Cube is a cost effective network appliance that installs on your customers’ LAN and protects files and databases via a lightweight backup agent.

cloud backup cube

Data backed up by the Cube is encrypted using 128 or 256 bit encryption and stored on RAID disks then sent off-site to our secure ISO accredited UK data centres.

Cloud Backup Cube gives your customers’ fast LAN speed backup and restore of their files and databases and secure off-site storage. The on-site Cube can handle the day-to-day restore of files and databases, even entire servers, but if the unthinkable happens and their office is affected by flood, fire or theft their data can be easily restored from our secure ISO accredited UK data centres.

Cloud Backup Cube removes the headaches often associated with backing up large databases over a standard Internet connection. Backups of applications such as Exchange and SQL often fail or continue into the next working day as there is just too much data to send through a standard DSL connection, leaving incomplete backup sets and congested Internet connections. Cloud Backup Cube removes this problem as all data stored on the Cube has been compressed and encrypted before being sent off-site. Built-in bandwidth throttling ensures backups do not swamp your Internet connection.

Sometimes there is simply too much data to send over the Internet in one go, for these occasions, we offer a simple to use seeding service where a hard drive containing your data is shipped to our data centre, subsequent backups then only transfer any change data.
Cloud Backup Cube is a fully monitored backup solution that takes the guesswork out of server backups and lets you concentrate on more important tasks. Built on reliable HP hardware our Cloud Backup Cube can store up to two terra bytes of data in a RAID configuration and lets you choose what data is sent off-site to the data centre. Cloud Backup Cube is easily managed from a web interface and supports all popular operating systems and databases including SQL, MySQL and Exchange. Comprehensive email reporting alerts users about disk usage, backup quotas and configuration changes.

•        2TB of storage
•        RAID configuration
•        Full remote management
•        Email reporting
•        Automatic data seeding
•        LAN speed backup and restore
•        Compatible with Windows, Linux and Unix
•        Exchange, Lotus Notes, SQL, MySQL & Oracle support
•        Supports Hyper-V and VMware
•        UK only data centres
•        UK support staff

How does it compare to our other Cloud Backup product?

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